PPE4Care is pleased to offer a market-leading antibody test kit used to detect the body's immune response to SARS-CoV-2 with a high degree of sensitivity, specificity and accuracy. The performance of this kit outstrips a wide proportion of other models available on the market.

Tests are available for just £12 - £14 per kit

EcoTest presents a fantastic, cost-effective solution to checking workforce incidence of COVID-19. This product is ecologically freindly in comparison to PCR or antigen testing and is a great way to keep on top of regular in-house testing regimes to inform the organisations' approach to workforce management - from care homes and health clinics to shops, offices, warehouses and other business settings.

The product is consented for sale on the UK market by MHRA and CE marked with Declaration of Conformity. Comparison study results outlining their efficacy are available on request.


Eco Test Antibody Kit Serological Lateral Flow Testing in 15 Minutes Result


Why not use PCR testing?

Lab-based PCR testing informs a test subject whether they have an active infection with virus present in their mucosal sample, taken via an invasive swab method with 24-48hr turnaround time - these are high cost on a private basis and the NHS has recently experienced a range of issues in meeting public demand due to capacity restrictions.

These are very costly if sourced privately, charged between £150 to £170.

While this is the gold standard for infection control, its use is limited in workplace settings where there is a short window of opportunity to test for a positive result, which would determine the presence of the virus.

It is better for staff experiencing symptoms or who may have been exposed to the virus to self isolate as per HM Government guidance - with either a swab test to confirm the cause during self-isolation, or an antibody test on return to work to identify the likely cause.


What are the benefits to Antibody testing?

Offering an alternative solution for employers, antibody testing detects both early and late stage immune response in individuals who have experienced an infection within the last 42 days. 

Clients in receipt of these test kits have provided excellent feedback on the ability to provide reassurance to those returning from a period of self-isolation, to ascertain whether symptoms they had experienced were as a result of COVID-19 or some other potential cause. Especially in cases where the individual was not able to secure a test or received an invalid result from NHS testing programmes.

These tests produce results in just 15 minutes and can be administered by non-medical professionals with sufficient guidance given in carrying out the simple procedure - and how to interpret the results.

Each box of 30 tests contain a full set of items required including:

  • Lateral flow test plate in sealed packet
  • Alcohol wipe for disinfecting the fingertip where a prick sample will be taken
  • Sterilised lancet
  • Pipette with capillary tube
  • Reagent ampule 

Cost per test = £12 to £14


What are the limitations?

During early stage infection, the concentration of antibodies in blood or plasma samples is lower and this impacts the sensitivity of the test during the first 7 days of disease.

It is recommended that an individual is tested one, or two weeks after receiving their first result for further assurance of the result.

Alternatively, individuals receiving a positive response from an Antibody test are good candidates for PCR testing - so that there can be confirmation of whether they are infective to others or not. This can provide a positive effect on reducing the number of negative results coming from the more expensive process of delivering PCR / antigen testing on a private or public basis.


For more information, or to discuss this testing solution with our Biomedical Sciences Director, Joshua Boyd (BSc) - please contact joshua.boyd@ppe4care.co.uk or telephone 0333 0152723

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