Are thermometers key in the fight to #StopTheSpread? We've put together some questions surrounding them, their involvement and their overall usefulness as we continued to battle against COVID-19

How does a Thermometer help?

Thermometers can detect the body temperature in numerous ways depending on the device. When someone's temperature is up this can be a key indicator of fever. Fever being a key symptom of COVID-19 because it indicates that your body is trying to fight off an illness or infection.

Fever is defined as temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or above. Normal body temperature can range around the 37 degree mark. This is why it's important to check regularly if you are feeling unwell.

Does a fever mean I have COVID-19?

Don’t rely only on temperature screening to determine whether you have COVID-19. You must watch for other symptoms of coronavirus, including shortness of breath, coughing, fatigue, headache and loss of taste or smell. Coronavirus symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus, according to the NHS.

There may be other causes for your fever, including the common flu or a bacterial infection, such as strep throat. Also, you may not get an accurate temperature reading if you have taken a fever-reducing drug. This is why the most important type of screening for COVID-19 is through a regular testing regime. Read more about our testing kits here or contact our Biomedical Director, Josh Boyd for more information.

What is the best thermometer?

There are different types of thermometers — including digital, non-contact and mercury. PPE4Care stock a Dual-Mode Thermometer which can measure temperatures accurately either via no contact or tympanic (ear-mode). 

In conclusion we recommend the thermometer as an extra step and preventative measure in the fight against the virus. If you have any further questions about how you can keep yourself and your staff safe in these times please don't hesitate to contact us as we would be glad to provide advice.





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