The new, speedy test can turn around results within 15 minutes to 30 minutes without the need for processing swabs in a lab, and only requires the front part of the nose to be swabbed, rather than the nasopharynx area (where the nose meets the throat) as is required by the last generation of kits that were made available in 2020 and used widely throughout Winter.

This less invasive sample collection method makes it quicker and easier to carry out and reduces discomfort for the person being tested, which can be an important factor for “sensitive individuals such as children, elderly people and/or people with disabilities,” according to Roche.

As this test is easy to administer, sample donors like patients, customers, clients or employees may be supervised to self-collect their own sample under supervision, which could help reduce the risk of virus transmission to healthcare professionals.

  • 90.6% Sensitivity
  • 98.6% Specificity

COVID-19 antigen tests diagnose active infection by detecting SARS-CoV-2 viral proteins in samples.

People with low viral load are less likely to transmit the infection, but lateral flow device tests are particularly useful for detecting asymptomatic spreaders through general screening.


Roche’s test comes complete with everything required to perform, including pre-measured buffer extraction tubes and a holding rack for analysing multiple samples at any one time.

For more information, or to enquire about the product contact PPE4Care's Biomedical Director, Joshua Boyd // 0333 015 2723

View the product page and purchase online here

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