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Roche SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Self Test Nasal Kits

The latest lateral flow device from Roche Diagnostics puts the power of rapid diagnosis in your hands, without the need for professional medical support. The test allows users to check for a presence of prevalent coronavirus strains (including all known variants) within just 15-30 minutes, to a high degree of accuracy. 

Each conventiently sized box contains five Antigen Self Test Nasal kits in total, allowing you to test at home, while travelling or on the move, with a simple to perform and non-invasive nasal swab procedure.

As this latest generation of devices are qualified for personal use, employers are able to provide kits to staff members who can test outside the workplace and protect their colleagues, clients and customers. 

Unlike previous generations of LFT's, Roche Antigen Self Test Nasal kits are also able to be purchased by members of the public for personal use. This offers valuable support to people who are vulnerable to infection, or in close contact with friends or family with specific healthcare needs. They're available to customers who want to regularly monitor their health, quickly test when concerned about a recent potential exposure, or protect their ability to work - along a multitude of other benefits.

Lateral flow tests are an excellent way to detect potential asymptomatic cases of infection. Please note: the product is not able to be used for 'fit to fly' or 'testing for travel' as those travelling internationally require a test and certificate from an approved provider.


1x Box = 5x Roche SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Self Test Nasal kits

£39.90 each 

[free delivery for orders over £99.99]


For volume ordering requirements, please contact our Biomedical Director, Joshua Boyd with your enquiry on 0333 015 2723

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