What we do.

Supply clinical-grade PPE, hygiene solutions and medical equipment to public, private, healthcare & social care sectors. We assist clients to maintain safe working environments for their staff, patients and the general public across the board. PPE4Care delivers a professional UK-wide service, with dedicated end-to-end support.

Our qualified team is ready to help.

Our PPE4Care team assists clients to maintain safe environments for all with a professional UK-wide service. Speak with a Relationship Manager, discuss specific procurement and sourcing requests or seek guidance from our Biomedical Sciences Director – they’re all on hand to offer their support with potential queries, product specifications, certifications and much more.

Wellbeing is our main priority.

Our aim is to ingrain value systems throughout the work we do – from competitive pricing and professional integrity, to providing quality assurances which ensure the right products get to where they’re needed most. We’re efficient, reliable, employ responsible sourcing practices within every supply chain and we'll work to carefully meet any requirements and needs of your organisation with a friendly on-call service.

It's who we are.

PPE4Care is a wholesale distributor of medical-grade personal protective equipment - serving millions of items to the NHS, local authorities and care groups; alongside charities, voluntary and community organisations throughout the COVID-19 crisis. We're also proud to be supporting many companies in their road to recovery and getting back in business. Our primary aim is to support our clients and colleagues by keeping work environments, clinical and care settings safe across the UK.  We’re proud to support workforces to carry out their day-to-day duties in full security. By employing well-established supply chains and carrying out stringent vetting processes, we're able to guarantee quality, competitive pricing and assured delivery across our entire product range and services. The aim is to simplify sourcing and bring value to our customers.

Our procurement framework.

The company utilises an international network which includes teams working on the ground across the globe, dealing directly with manufacturers. Our experienced UK-based team carries out supply chain management, transport, logistics and sales, establishing key partnerships and taking care of client accounts to bring products from source to your door. PPE4Care has a clear commitment to our shared social and environmental responsibilities and to conserve the protection of clear values within all parts of our network.

Corporate Social Responsibility.

With ‘Altruism Through Commerce’ we ultimately reinvest profits in charitable activities, social action initiatives and by gifting goods in order to pay-it-forward.  We deliver positive outcomes for both clients and communities – ensuring that your business goes a lot further than the bank.
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