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PPE4Care Ltd

1st Floor Gladstone House
35A Widnes Road
WA8 6AZ                                                
Tel: 0333 015 2723

PPE4Care is a wholesale distributor of both medical-grade and non-medical personal protective equipment - serving tens of millions of items to a wide range of clients in the public and private sector

By employing well-established supply chains and carrying out stringent vetting processes our team is able to guarantee the supply of high quality products, secure competitive pricing on your behalf and assure delivery across a broad scope of product types.

Do you have specific purchasing requirements that you've not been able to fulfil?

Are you struggling to secure stock at the right price, or matching the right specification?

Are you having difficulty with dodgy brokers, chasing non-existent stock, sick of POFs and LOIs?


Reach out today and discuss your needs with one of our Directors, who are on hand to explain a little bit about our professional expertise and networks. We have access to a huge range of stock that's on the ground in the UK. We can connect you directly to source with proven, industry-leading manufacturers in order to cut out the middle men. We can deliver single consignments through to high volume imports and provide you with solutions for commissioning your own product.

Our end-to-end service takes care of due dilligence, quality control checks, negotiation, contracting, freight and logistics to simplify sourcing and bring value to our customers.

We look forward to hear from you, best regards.

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