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Clinell Antibacterial Wipes 200 Pack (CAHW200) | Box of 6

Clinell Antibacterial Wipes are the UK’s #1 number one antibacterial wipe brand for cleaning and disinfecting hands as well as surfaces. All the efficacy of soap and water, no need for the sink.

Clean and disinfect in one easy step - effective in 10 seconds, destroying at least 99.999% of germs. A mix of biocides prevent bacterial resistance and superbug formation. Clinell Antibacterial Hand Wipes are dermatologically tested, containing aloe vera and moisturisers to help maintain healthy skin. Use anytime to disinfect hands without the need for soap and water.

  • Large packs of hand wipes for frequent use
  • 200 wipes per pack
  • Clinell Antibacterial Wipes come with 6 packs per box

Just £6.95 +VAT per pack

Box price = £41.70 +VAT

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